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1 All the dirt about us
1.1 What is “your healthy fix”?
I’m actually just powder in a box, that’s it. Cool label and all.
100% pure power foods and adoptogens, with NADA, ZERO, NOTHIN,  added to it. 
Like really, it’s that boring. 
So unlike probably all the other stuff out there, we’re vegan and pure and all those hipster fancy terms that come with it.
Very transparent. Very real. Very … healthy. 
1.2 What are adaptogens?
Adaptogens come from a group of plants which have balancing properties that can give energy or reduce stress. It really depends on what the body needs (hence “adaptogens” -> adapt. Get it? ).
To keep it simple: When things are out of balance: adaptogens put the balance back in things.
1.3 Which “healthy fix” is right for me?
Ask your friends, they probably know you better than you do.
Still doubting? We are here to help, shoot us a message, darling!
1.4 How do I use these “healthy fixes”?
Our belief: A healthy lifestyle starts with good nutrition, exercise and enough sleep. But then life happens, and your plan goes to sh*t. And that's where we pop-in with our powerfood and adaptogen blends, to support you and make life a lil' easier.
Unlock me, scoop me, mix me. And all your boy’s might just come to the yard - Kelis 
To give you some ideas: Scoop me into smoothies, smoothie bowls, healthy treats, lattes, yoghurt bowls, overnight oats, dips. Got a new idea on how to use our fixes? Let us know by using #myhealthyfix 
We would love to share some love, see some love, and receive some love!
1.5 Are all your products certified organic?
We like to keep things real. So yes, certified organic all the way!
1.6 Are all your products vegan?
Who does NOT love cute puppies, fuzzy bunnies, baby panda’s and grumpy cats ?!
Needless to say, we leave the animals to be cute and fuzzy and adorable. And just offer food from the earth.
(YES, we are vegan).
1.7 How do I store your healthy fixes?
Just as I am, darling. Store me in a very cool, very dry place!
I stay fresh AF from 3 months up to one year! Probably longer than your newest crush nowadays.
1.8 What is the “your healthy fix” return policy?
Not liking what you’re seeing? 
We all get confused or over-stressed sometimes, so ordering the wrong product is totally understandable.
Just send us the unopened package via tracked shipping to the address below, and we’ll give you back your cash if there has been a malfunction.
Feel free to contact us first for any further questions!
Volkstraat 9
2000 Antwerpen
Package damaged? Ouch, seems like the mail man got a little over excited there (don’t blame him, we understand). Just let us know, we’ll hook you up with new goodies in no time!
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